Book Review by Viveca

“Exploring the Ballpoint” by Shirish Deshpande takes an excellent dive into the wondrous world of ballpoint pen art. When one thinks of ballpoint pen art, they probably think of someone drawing doodles and caricatures at the back of a classroom. Not many would think of landscapes, still life, and other artistic masterpieces.

With his book, Mr. Deshpande breaks this barrier and shows people the true power of the ballpoint pen. With each intricacy laid out in exemplary detail, he takes you on an exploration of the art form from the very basics. It is through these basics that a masterpiece is born. Alongside visual representations, and step-by-step guidance, Mr. Deshpande has managed to capture the essence of his art through words as well. His explanations behind his work are remarkably detailed, giving the reader a true sense of what goes into the art that he creates. So much so that the reader can learn the ways of this art form as well.

One would look at a ballpoint pen as an ordinary office supply, but he has taken something so simple and maxed it out to its full potential. Each piece of his has a life of its own, and he takes you on the journey of all of his creations in his book.

If you’re a lover of art, especially art created out of the ordinary, “Exploring the Ballpoint” is a must-read. Shirish Deshpande has taken the proverb “the pen is mightier than the sword” and brought it to life with each stroke of his ballpoint pen.

- Viveca Pavate, is a daughter of a friend, a budding poet, and writer, and an artist herself. She also co-founded a small business of her own (@infinite__chaos on Instagram)


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