The great lockdown of 2020

I was featured on in 2015. A lot of ink has flowed through the pen onto the paper since then and it is time to share a few things. 

While recalling the events of the last five years, the first thing that comes to my mind is the "Great Lockdown" due to the covid19 pandemic. But before I discuss this I would like to say something about my new art studio. As artists, we certainly need a space where we have the privacy, the freedom, and our own undisturbed space to create, play and enjoy the artistic mess. I have designed the studio in such a way that the north and south sides which are longer lengthwise are all glass, naturally lighting the interiors evenly throughout the day. One of the other two sides is a plain wall reaching a height of 12 feet which allows me to mount a bigger canvas for painting. The remaining side is reserved for the display of my artwork. I am fortunate to have such a spacious place and that too on the terrace of my own house where I can reach by climbing just a few stairs, which is very convenient for my current age of 62 years. The making of the studio was a dream for many years but with the help of my family now I have a big enough space to engage in art activities on a larger scale, working on many different art projects at the same time. I am looking forward to even conducting workshops for art enthusiasts after the current difficult social situation is over. 

The "Lockdown" has changed everything for everyone. It has changed the way we live our daily lives. It was difficult to find peace in the initial two periods of the lockdown. In the third phase of the total lockdown, I decided to move away from the TV. And I challenged myself to make one artwork every day, complete in every respect. To my astonishment, I could really do it by working in a smaller format and by simplifying the content. This period of the lockdown really came to me as a blessing in disguise. I made more than twenty artworks in those days. The average completion time for each artwork was just two hours. And the best part of this is that I am ready for an "en Plein air" session with my Ballpoint pens. I am very happy to share some of these new works of Ballpoint pen art.


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